What does it mean to pre-order?

A popular or highly-anticipated new item will often be placed on "pre-order" a few months before it is expected to arrive. This means you can purchase the item ahead of time, placing you among the first in line to receive it and helping you to avoid the possibility of the item selling out.



When will I receive my pre-ordered item?

To give you an idea of when you can expect your item, we list an estimated ship date on the product page. This date refers to the day on which the item will ship from our warehouse to you. Please keep in mind, that this date is an estimation. Due to the nature of overseas shipping, your item may arrive before or after the scheduled date, and in rare instances, the arrival can be postponed 2-4 weeks. If there is any change in schedule greater than five days, we will send an email to notify you.



Is it possible to return my item?

Yes! If you would like to cancel your order, we will fully refund you for both the cost of the item and the cost of shipping. If you would like to return it once you have received it, you can do that as well. Read more about our return policy


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